estudio de arquitectura spodek

Our team

Architect Mónica Spodek

Architect Mónica Spodek is the head of the team of architects and designers in the Study.
Graduated from Buenos Aires University (UBA), Mónica has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry.

The team

A devoted multidisciplinary team allows us to face a wide spectrum of designs. Avant-garde, originality, art and technology are all integrated to make our clients’ projects a reality.

Experts in the Hotel Industry

Our expertise in interiorism related to hospitality has given us the possibility to create a range of spaces, from tiny rooms to large areas, with due consideration of technical accuracy, and construction aspects of the projects; thus achieving perfect fusion of creativity, inspiration and professionalism.

This specialization has allowed us to become a member of international teams. Together with our knowledge and experience, we enjoy and take great pride in carrying out projects in different provinces in Argentina and the world.